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The lights shine bright

Nov. 24-26 , Dec. 1-3, Dec. 8-10, Dec. 15-24 & Dec. 29-31

Fridays & Saturdays • 5:00p – 10p • Sundays • 5:00p – 9p

Have some questions about all the fun you can have at HollyDazzle? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a list of some of the most common questions we hear from our patrons. Take a look and see if you find what you’re looking for.

Hours & Location

HollyDazzle Hours:
Nov. 24-26 , Dec. 1-3, Dec. 8-10, Dec. 15-24 & Dec. 29-31
Fridays & Saturdays • 5p - 10p • Sundays • 5p - 9p
Open Rain, Snow or Shine

12600 Dixie Hwy., Holly, MI 48442

What is HollyDazzle?

Embark on an enchanting winter wonderland stroll at HollyDazzle, a festival of lights nestled within the picturesque grounds of the Michigan Renaissance Festival.

See over a dozen mesmerizing Christmas scenes.

• Meet Santa Claus.

• Go on a Polar Pub Crawl.

• Join the Holiday Token Hunt.

• Shop with local artisans.

• Warm up by the fire and enjoy delicious treats.

• Witness over half a million Christmas lights!

• Kids aged 4 and under get in FREE!

See our features list for more.


Parking is free for this event.

Refunds & Rainchecks

We do not issue rain checks or refunds. We are open rain or shine, and all acts will be performed as scheduled unless conditions threaten the safety of the participants.

Are dogs allowed?

Yes. Your dog may attend the festival every day we are open during our season. Admission for dogs is Free!

Can My Child Bring A Letter To Santa?

Certainly! Santa thoroughly enjoys receiving letters and we have designed a convenient mailbox exclusively for this purpose.

What is the admission fee and the methods of payment accepted, such as credit or debit cards?

Please refer to our tickets page for price information: Tickets Page

Credit and debit cards are widely accepted by most vendors and food booths at the festival. Please note that the festival does not accept personal checks or foreign currency at any of its locations.

Do I purchase tickets at the gate or online?

Tickets can be purchased either online or at the festival box office, allowing you the flexibility to choose the method that best suits your needs.

Tip: A helpful recommendation for individuals who have bought tickets online is to present their ticket using their mobile device to the gate attendant. It is essential to ensure that the barcode is easily scannable by making it visible. To mitigate potential issues related to mobile connectivity, it is advised to capture a screenshot of the ticket that displays the barcode.

I purchased tickets online and I can't find them

In the event that you are unable to locate the original email from after purchasing tickets online, we kindly request that you send us a message and we will be more than happy to reissue the tickets to you via email.

Is this festival wheelchair accessible?

The event takes place amidst serene natural surroundings of grass, dirt, mud, rocks, and gravel. Visitors using wheelchairs and motorized wheelchairs are welcome to attend. We also have designated parking spaces and portable toilets that are easily accessible for individuals with disabilities.

Is Handicap Parking available?

Handicap parking is available. Parking is located near the front gate entrance.

Film & Photo Rights

All film rights are reserved. Commercial use of photos, videos or audio tapes made at the festival without written permission from the marketing department is strictly prohibited. Any cameras with lenses over 12 inches must have prior approval from the marketing department to shoot photos on the Michigan Renaissance Festival grounds. If you have any questions, please call 248-634-5552.

Notice: At this event, photos and videos may be recorded. By attending this event, you may be included in these photos and videos. Your attendance at this event grants your permission to be in these photos or videos, which may be used for marketing/promotional purposes. Thank you for your cooperation.

What type of bathroom facilities do you have?

Our premises are equipped with portable toilets featuring hand sanitizer dispensers. Additionally, we offer handicap accessible portable toilets for the convenience of all attendees.

What type of food do you offer?

Please visit our food page for more information.

What shops are open?

Please visit our shoppes for more information.

Details About Igloo Dinners

Price: $175 per couple - hosted in your own igloo.

How to book 2 couples per igloo: Please contact our office at 248-634-5552, Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 4 pm.

Igloo duration: 2 hours.

Allergies accommodation: Yes. Please call our office to discuss your specific allergies.

Total cost for 2 couples purchasing an igloo: $350, each couple pays $175.

Process for purchasing an igloo for 2 couples: Contact our office for further assistance.

Will my party of 2 (1 adult + 1 adult) share an igloo with a random couple? No.

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Open Nov. 24 - Dec. 31, 2023
Fri. & Sat. • 5p-10p • Sundays • 5p-9p
Dec. 31st, New Years Eve Bash @ 10a - 12:30p

12600 Dixie Hwy.

Holly, MI 48442




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